“I loved everything; technique, gentleness, setting.”  -Helen
My practice in Wallingford includes a diverse group of people, age groups, body types, and medical conditions.  I structure each session to the ailments of each patient.  No two massages are the same.  I believe the body-mind-spirit are intimately connected.  Experience has proven to me that patients directly involved with their treatment, benefit with an accelerated return to health and vitality.  I emphasize patient education.

My original massage training was in Swedish massage.  Since 1996, I have incorporated Medical & Sport Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial & Active Release, and Negative Pressure Massage Cupping.


Some of the techniques I use address factors responsible for pain that may result from injury, as well as inappropriate or habitual movement patterns.  Other techniques can help of blood flow to contracted tissues; release of "trigger points" that cause pain referral; and relief of nerve blockages. These techniques restore appropriate posture/alignment which helps the body to heal itself.  My skill base focuses on:
  • Sport & Personal Injuries
  • Chronic Pain Ailments
  • Stress  
For appointments call
(206) 355-8069

Session Fees

“Wendy has uncommon understanding of the body. 

There is much she knows kinesthetically from the inside out. 

I am lucky enough to receive treatments with her

on a regular basis, so I know the depth of her integrity and skill. 

I enjoy both her thoughtful questions and the way her ideas
invite me to open to new understanding of my own work.” 

-Michael Max, L.Ac.

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